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Learn how to dance and get fit at the same time

Who says discos are dead? Here at Phyllis Adams School of Dance you'll find disco is well

and truly alive in the form of our disco fitness sessions.


If you're looking for a new way to improve your fitness and learn how to do a few of those

disco moves, our fun sessions could be just the thing for you.

 -  Fun, energetic sessions

 -  Small groups and individual attention

 -  Inexpensive and no gym membership required

 -  All forms of dance classes also available, plus drama and vocal coaching too

Swap your trainers for dance shoes - try our disco fitness classes


Fitness is fun with our disco fitness classes

Do you hate the thought of sweating in the gym? Can't stand the idea of running outside in

the cold and the rain? Why not sign up to try disco fitness classes at our Great Yarmouth

dance studio?

Have fun, learn to

dance and get fit...

...with our fitness disco classes.


Shake your booty, get down and boogie and step back in time!

A young woman dressed for dancing A dance group